I’ve got 99 Problems, but Labels Aren’t One

Pam Mosher, June, 27 2018

I’ve got 99 problems but GHS chemical labels aren’t one, and they shouldn’t be for you either. I started a running list of “problems” prospects of mine were facing when it came to labeling their chemical containers. Nine times out of ten we could find a solution to their issues.

99 PROBLEMS BUT labels aren't one

Adhesive Ooze 

The Solution:Check the perimeter strip out area on the label stock, be sure to use the correct adhesive, and always store labels in a climate controlled location.

Double feed

The Solution: Inspect your printer for worn parts, check for static, verify the labels were fanned properly. If you aren’t sure you fanned them properly, here is a video highlighting how to do it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNk9jcwbfog

Label Curling

The Solution: Be sure the printer settings are correct for the media being used.

Label lifting off a small container

The Solution: Use a material that has an aggressive adhesive and a latex paper or film face stock that will conform to the curves of a small container.

Flaking of (laser) Toner

The Solution: Check printer temperature settings for media being used, confirm that the correct topcoat is being used by your label supplier.

Stock obsolescence and high cost of many label formats

The Solution: Consider using a color (CMYK) laser or inkjet printer in combination with blank label stock.

Cost of a printing system, difficult print environment

The Solution: Consider outsourced printing of your labels

The label is mission critical to the success of your product and company. If your product doesn’t ship due to labeling issues or is held up by your labeling manufacturer then you’re losing money. It goes back to the old saying of “time is money and money is time.” To optimize your chances of success, work directly with a label manufacturer or converter. Take time on the front end to eliminate any pains you may have in the future, so that none of your 99 problems will be labels.