A Hole in One With a Trusted Vendor

Jason DeCaire, July 24, 2018

Every professional golfer has a caddy, a person who carries their golf clubs from hole to hole. They help the golfer with their specific shot; giving them yardage, windspeed and other details on the course. The golfer outsources these jobs to a caddy to focus on their swing and remain on par for the end game. Businesses are focused on the larger end game accomplishments and objectives. Now picture this; you are business is the golfer and your trusted vendors are your caddies. Reliance Label Solutions helps you get that hole-in-one every time.

Outsourcing jobs has occurred from the beginning of time. Cave-men would allow the apex predators to do the work for them, then collect the food. Fishermen on the continent of Asia still use birds to do the fishing for them – a practice that dates back over a thousand years. Why are these things important in today’s business model? Outsourcing to an industry expert helps you streamline processes in your company while ensuring you are compliant with new aggressive regulation changes.

Label printing has become more complex over the years. Due to new technology, compliance organizations and business strategies it’s easy to make an already complicated process even more convoluted. I have talked with lots of businesses over the years and everyone I speak with always has different objectives for their labels. Some are only worried about the cost and saving money, while others worry about staying compliant. That’s where Reliance comes in: With our developed offline imaging strategy, inventory agreements and our Vision® software we help you accomplish your company goals. 

Companies now use labeling as an accountability tool because of the solutions we provide at Reliance. Our Vision® software allows a company to keep track of print output by format and location.

One of the companies we work with discovered a discrepancy with its reseller due to our label tracking with Vision®. This prompted an internal review that would not have been possible without our software capabilities.  We pride ourselves on our motto, “Reliance Means Compliance™” and this is just one example of how we help your company stay compliant with not only GHS labeling, but also your own internal print production.

To learn more about our Vision® software and GHS chemical labeling solutions, give us a call at 800-656-9476.