A Question and Answer Session with an Industry Expert, Jeff VanDonsel

Pam Mosher, October 17th, 2018

Reliance Label Solutions (Reliance) prides itself on being an industry expert in manufacturing and converting label stock for GHS, DOT, OSHA, and HazMat solutions. This pride comes from several differentiates Reliance has from other vendors in the marketplace. Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with Jeff VanDonsel, Quality and Safety Manager to identify those factors.

Q: How is being a label converter different from being a label broker?

Jeff: By using a label converter, the customer can go directly to the source to make the changes, which makes it easier on the customer. At Reliance, we have a direct line of communication with the team on the production floor. We also make our own plates, usually within a day, which helps speed up production and turnaround times.

Q: What makes Reliance unique from it’s competition?

Jeff: We test all our labels on similar printers that our customers are using in the field. A label sample is run through a printer on every job and shift.

Pam: Why is that important?

Jeff: It’s another step to ensure we’re producing quality labels. We have a color matching system, we put the color swatch under a reader that gives us the color formula to make the exact color. 

We also track all lot numbers on our products for each job that is completed, tracking the lot number on finished goods allows us to trace that item(s) back to the operator, date and time it was produced. We can even go as far back as tracing material suppliers.

Another thing that makes us unique from our competitors is that we are ISO 9001 2008 and 2015 certified.

Q: What checks post-production are in place to ensure quality?

Jeff: There is a quality checklist that is completed for each job, our operators answer 29 questions on the checklist. We take it to the next level by having ongoing approvals, meaning during each shift change, the incoming press operator reviews the job and rechecks the list for each job on press. The main areas covered on the checklist include: material, dies specs, die tests, coatings, color, copy, and finishing.

Q: How do you take customer feedback into consideration when it comes to a quality product?

Jeff: An intensive care meeting is held on all new and special request items. The job and product are reviewed to ensure we’ll satisfy the customer’s needs. The team also holds a customer care meeting, so the team can determine the right revisions that need to be made to any control cards or plates.

The intensive care team includes:

  • Jeff VanDonsel, Quality and Safety Manager
  • Brian Ledford, Production Manager
  • Pat Flaherty, VP of Operations
  • Jim Warren, VP of Product Research and Development

Remaining an industry expert and labeling solution provider takes dedication from all members of the Reliance team, and the results show through in the quality Reliance provides. Thank you to Jeff VanDonsel for highlighting just a few of the factors that make Reliance an industry leader.

If you are interested in Reliance’s labeling solutions, contact us at (800) 656-9476 or here.