Reevaluating Your Label Stock with Reliance

Pam Mosher, September, 5, 2018

People still cringe when hearing the words, “GHS deadline” and I find sometimes people don’t want to talk about it. The globally harmonized system (GHS) is really anything from harmonized when it comes to labeling. (Yes, everyone uses the same pictograms, but each country requires information to be displayed differently.) There were companies that started planning early and easily met the deadline – other companies scrambled up till the end.

Three years post GHS deadline, we are finding companies are now reviewing the solution(s) originally selected to meet the June 1, 2015 GHS deadline. Primarily companies are revisiting their programs to see if their current program is meeting expectations from both an efficiency and economic standpoint. They are either looking at new label stock materials, printers, and/or software solutions. Since 2015, a lot of companies have introduced a variety of new label stocks that are BS-5609 section 2 & 3 and IMDG compliant.

We have been assisting companies by providing a no cost onsite label survey. This helps determine if changes need to be made based on reviewing your process for the beginning. Something else unique that we offer at no cost – no obligation is our “Reliance Challenge.” We conduct a durability test on imaged samples of your current label stock compared to samples that you’ve imaged on label stock we have sent you. You will receive a comprehensive report highlighting image durability (abrasion, salt water immersion) and adhesion for both label stocks. This is a similar process label stocks are subjected to for BS 5609 compliance to meet International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) regulations for shipments over international waterways.

Reliance has introduced a variety of materials to fit the needs of on demand printing. Here are a few substrates that have been introduced since the initial June 1, 2015 deadline.

If you have questions about your current substrate and print technology compliance, contact Reliance at 800-656-9476 or email us at