Saving Lives with Labels

Pam Mosher, August 8, 2018

Recently I found myself in an airplane stuck on a tarmac as I was traveling to see a new client. The gentleman sitting next to me asked me a common airport “small talk question”, “What do you do for a living?” I replied, “I build relationships and help find the best labels, software, and printing solution(s) for my clients. Oh, and I help save lives doing it.”

Wait, providing label solution(s) is a risky business?

Yes, when you sell labels to chemical manufacturers and oil refineries it can be extremely hazardous onsite. Clients often work in plants in which hazardous materials are manufactured, blended or packaged. A few months ago, while visiting a client, I was handed my standard safety glasses, hard hat and the company’s safety/escape plan to review.

My colleague and I were directed to park our car with the trunk facing the building. Why? If there was an explosion or fire, it would be “easier to escape” that way. Honestly, I don’t want to find out if it is truly easier to escape that way.

I’ve also been in warehouses that have combustible dust, resulting in workers having to wear face masks to filter the air. A water treatment facility I visited worked with highly toxic chemicals to disinfect water. 

But, how are the labels saving lives?

We sell GHS labels to industries who that work with very hazardous products and chemicals. Identifying containers with the proper GHS label ensures that employees working with and transporting these products can do so without endangering their lives.  And in the event of an accident, these labels will provide first responders with the information they need to safely contain the accident.

So yes, selling labels can be interesting, dangerous and even save lives.