Small Town Feel, Big Time Service

Jason DeCaire, October 3rd, 2018

When people think of small towns in the United States, they think of the Midwest’s white picket fences, friendly faces and the famous Midwestern hospitality. Pairing the small-town imagery with a locally owned and seasoned business, that is filled with a customer focused team, I believe leads to an excellent customer experience. 

Customer experience plays a vital role for every company, no matter what service you are providing, but can be easily forgotten in the hustle and bustle of everyday business. But at Reliance Label Solutions (Reliance), each of our employees comes to work with the customer first attitude. Reliance is based in the Midwest, the management team has developed a customer centric staff, to create an excellent customer experience.

Reliance has taken many steps to ensure the customer experience is excellent across the board, including business to business experience and service. B2B experience can be easily forgotten and viewed as in personable, however that’s not the case at Reliance. A simple call to place an order over the phone is received by our customer service team, who checks that order against past orders and can alleviate potential errors that could occur with a new contact placing an order. To ensure consistent service, Reliance has developed our technology specifically to work for our customers’ needs when ordering.

How? The GHS Store, Reliance’s one-stop-shop for your GHS and DOT labeling solutions. It can be customized for your business specifically. Including custom items that only you can view once logged in, turning The GHS Store to Your GHS Store. This custom store provides the photos and details of products you ordered in the past or are planning to order in the future. Including: part numbers, item descriptions, and amounts ordered previously. This allows you to add a previous order to your cart for a quick reorder at any time for your convenience. Upon order completion, you receive an order acknowledgement and a shipping acknowledgement to track your order every step of the way. 

Reliance makes ordering easy for every size of company, whether you are calling in or prefer placing your order online. Ordering one label or many, we put our customers first giving them the hospitality every customer deserves while remaining easy and efficient.