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Paola, KS--March 19, 2021 Reliance Label Solutions, a leading provider of Global Harmonized System (GHS) labeling solutions, is proud to announce the promotion of the first female Press Operator in our history.

In July of 2019, Reliance Label hired Chelsea Spiller as an entry level production associate. Spiller had no printing experience but showed enthusiasm to learn the trade. Within months, she was assisting the Senior Press Operator, running the flexographic press with little assistance, and seeking as much on-the- job training as she could get. Even amidst a pandemic, Spiller made Reliance history by becoming the company’s first female Press Operator in just fourteen months. Spiller’s supervisor and Production Manager, Jeff VanDonsel, said “She may not know it, but she has raised the bar at Reliance for women in production.”

With March being celebrated as Women’s History Month, we at Reliance are proud to have Ms. Spiller become such an important part of our team.

From taking on industrial roles during wartime, to fighting for equal pay, women have been on the front line of change in America. Now, Chelsea Spiller stands on that front line at Reliance Label Solutions, inspiring her colleagues to pursue advancement in any profession they choose. #WomensHistoryMonth2021



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Reliance Label Solutions specializes in manufacturing hazardous container labels for the Petroleum, Chemical and Environmental industries. Our chemical drum labeling solutions meet GHS, HazCom and IMDG labeling requirements. Reliance has proudly served petroleum refiners and marketers, chemical manufacturers, chemical distributors and general industrial markets for over 30 years.