The Reliance Challenge

Put your laser labels to the test!

Durability is a critical aspect of labeling within the chemical industry. Both the label and image on the label are subject to wear and tear when in use. Labels traveling across international waterways are subject to certain requirements by International Maritime Dangerous Goods regulations (IMDG).

IMDG states that labels on dangerous goods crossing an international waterway must meet BS 5609 Sections 2 and 3. Section 2 requires that that base material of the label be durable enough to stick to the label even if the container is submerged in saltwater. Section 3 applies to the image on the label. With the harsh conditions that a label may be exposed to -- abraison, harsh chemicals, weather, sun, etc -- the content of the label must still be readable.

At Reliance Label Solutions, we ensure the label meets all regulatory requirements for durability. However, image quality can be affected if the label isn’t properly designed for the ink type. Our Research and Development team works to source the most durable, cohesive materials for our labels. In fact, we are so confident we’ve found the best materials, we’re willing to challenge it.

Through rigorous testing, our labels are certified for BS 5609 Sections 2 and 3 to ensure your products will continue to be compliant in the harshest environments. Two aspects of this testing are abrasion and humidity. These two factors are critical to label performance and maintaining compliance.



Are Your Labels Up to The Reliance Challengetm?

1. We will send you five GlobaLabel® laser label sheets.

2. Using your own laser printer, you will print the same image on the five GlobaLabel® sheets and five labels from your current supplier. 

3. Return all images samples to Reliance Label Solutions in our postage paid envelope.

4. We will conduct a comprehensive durability test on all samples. The test includes abrasion and saltwater immersion. 

5. We will provide a formal report with the test results for both labels. 

Reach out to our sales team at [email protected] to learn more about The Reliance Challengetm