Custom Designed GHS Chemical Labels

Some label processes can be extremely restrictive with the specifications of the label. Special labels, such as extra long and roll-to-roll labels for auto application, may have requirements that are not met by stock labels. Reliance Label Solutions has one of the most comprehensive GHS Stock Label programs in the industry, but many GHS Chemical labeling applications require something more:

  • Custom label sizes, shapes, back die cuts, or registration marks
  • Preprinted logos and graphics with precise color matching
  • Specialty material constructions with specific facestock and/or adhesive requirements

Reliance will work with you to create the exact label you need to keep your employees and customers informed about hazardous chemicals. Whether it's compliance or branding, we can help you create the perfect label for your applications. Check out some of our custom labels below to see how we can enhance your labels. 


Safety Signage 

This design takes advantage of all real estate on the label. Aside from the GHS regulated information, NFPA and DOT signage is also used to convey the hazards of the chemical inside. Notice the detached vertical label to the right. Second labels can be used to identify the chemical on a different side of the container such as the top or opposite side. 


Scannable Labels

This label, though simpler than the one above, still has some unique features. The barcode at the bottom can be used to track inventory, change the product status and more depending on your uses and software. At the bottom left, there is a QR code. These can be used to direct anyone who scans it to a safety data sheet, company website, or usage instructions. 


Custom Die Cuts    

Following the green lines in the image, the curved shape of the two die-cut labels is visible. Depending on your application, a specialized shape might be required. Reliance has a large variety of die-cuts and the capabilitiy to design a new die-cut if we don't have one that fits your specifications. 


Stay Stocked Up on Custom Labels

Though there are great benefits to having a custom label, lead time can be a big issue. At Reliance, that's not a problem. Participate in our Maintained Stock Program to ensure we always have your custom labels available. We will hold your custom inventory* in our climate controlled, centrally located manufacturing facility, giving you the same “No Delay” shipping our Stock Label customers enjoy. 


To learn more about Custom GHS Chemical Labels or participate in our Maintained Stock Program, reach out to us at (800) 656-9476 or [email protected].


 *with a signed Maintained Stock Agreement