SDS Authoring

Reliance Label Solutions is proud to partner with Quantum Compliance for SDS Authoring services.


Protect your company from the costs of noncompliance. SDS accuracy is critical to keeping employees safe and regulation requirements met. Quantum makes it easy with their SDS authoring software and services. 

Reliance continues to close the gap of a “total offering” by leveraging the expertise of Quantum for our customers. Review your current SDS, update existing SDS, or create all new ones from a custom formula. From start to finish, Quantum ensures your company meets regulatory requirements.



Quantum’s SDS Authoring and Generation software allows you to author SDS that are compliant with the language and regulation elements of the world-wide regulations including those of the US, Europe, and most Asian countries.

The easy-to-learn module dramatically cuts time spent with SDS by standardizing the management process and streamlining the authoring and generation procedure. 

  • Cloud-based
  • Guaranteed security
  • Automatic updates of new and adjusted regulations
  • Allows up to 25 users
  • ERP integration 
  • Simultaneous updating and management of SDS
  • Output control
  • Abides by region-specific rules and overrides
  • Multiple languages available

Quantum No-Stress SDS Demo



Quantum offers you the SDS services you need to successfully create SDS for new products and manage updates to your current SDS. Quantum SDS services will cost-effectively meet your needs.


More than SDS Authoring

Quantum doesn’t stop at SDS compliance. Quantum offers services and software to support chemical manufacturing and managment.



Quantum has developed a comprehensive waste management solution to streamline the creation of these documents/labels and to help ease your regulatory burdens. 

Manifest Generation | e-Manifest | Waste Labeling | Waste Management

Want to learn more? Click here to visit our Waste Management Software page



For those who make, use, or store hazardous chemicals, Quantum has the perfect management software. Q-Chem is a comprehensive software that combines chemical management, inventory, recipes and authorization. This software is a state-of-the-art management package specifically designed for chemical users and distributors.

  • SDS Management: A digital solution for HazCom organization and management to keep your information accessible.
  • Chemical Inventory: Automatically generate lists and reports (such as Tier II or TRI) based on a digital chemical inventory
  • List of Lists: Up-to-date global regulation lists and ingredients database enables users to increase compliance with regulatory reports of ingredients. 
  • Chemical Authorization:  Tools to evaluate and sign-off on using or purchasing the new chemical products with user-defined authorization forms to provide the team with a flexible authorization process. 


 Integrating with the SDS software, the chemical management software allows users to easily retrieve SDS and inventory information, update data, and search the database using keywords. All information is immediately accessible on both mobile and desktop devices. 



Quantum’s Inspection and Audit software provides a platform for safety professionals to efficiently organize and implement the results of an inspection or audit. Hard copies of documents used for further investication or preparing for follow up can be inefficient and messy, so Quantum has created the perfect solution. 

  • Health & Safety: Keep your employees safe by reducing injuries, lowering costs and maintaining compliance. 
  • GHS Compliance: Ensure regulatory compliance by receiving support on GHS timelines, facts, challenges and solutions. 
  • Waste Management: Streamlining waste management from start to finish ensures all waste is handled appropriately and efficiently. 
  • Enterprise Solution: Simplify information management, improve workplace safety, and reduce the risk of regulatory citations. 




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