Reliance Label Solutions Launches Free Hazardous Chemical Labeling Operations Assessment

Confidential and complimentary, new GHS L.A.B.E.L. Profile helps companies labeling hazardous chemicals follow compliance best practices.
February 21, 2024

Paola, KS – Reliance Label Solutions, which specializes in manufacturing hazardous container labels for the petroleum, chemical and environmental industries, has introduced a new program designed to help companies hone and streamline their chemicals labeling operations. Called the GHS L.A.B.E.L. Profile – short for Leading Assessment for Best Practices and Efficacy of Labels, the confidential and complimentary technical inspection service provides an expert-driven assessment to help ensure companies handling and labeling hazardous chemicals follow compliance best practices.

Valued at $3,500, Reliance Label’s GHS L.A.B.E.L. Profile creates an accessible labeling safety and standardization platform between chemical companies and labeling compliance experts. Steeped in best practices accrued over decades, Reliance Label’s team can seamlessly engage with chemical companies to determine their most pressing labeling compliance challenges. With an eye to these priorities, a Reliance Label compliance expert then conducts an onsite assessment visitation, followed by a comprehensive report that offers practical improvements where appropriate.

Reliance Label’s portfolio of hazardous container labeling solutions is designed to withstand and thrive in harsh environments. While best known for chemical drum labeling solutions that meet stringent GHS, HazCom and IMDG labeling requirements, the company also offers labeling-adjacent GHS-compliant solutions such as printing software, color printers and printer consumables.

Consultative, collaborative and customized, the GHS L.A.B.E.L. Profile appraisals also include a weighted average that highlights any areas particularly at risk of noncompliance. Several manufacturing, warehousing and logistical scenarios can be assessed, including labeling application infrastructure maintenance, storage temperature and humidity, and other issues that can adversely affect mission-critical label performance.

“Our new GHS L.A.B.E.L. Profile comprises a confidential all-things-label health checkup for companies handling hazardous chemicals,” said Troy Lucas, Product Engineer for Reliance Label Solutions. “Our chemical customers intimately understand that labeling environmentally sensitive materials is far more complex than a quick print-and-apply. In this industry, labels and their application techniques must stand up to exceptionally tough conditions, and this is our way of standing with our customers to best ensure compliance and overall labeling success.”



Rusted and potentially hazardous steel drum found floating in Texas channel, intact label helps US Coast Guard crack the case

August 15, 2023

A leader in compliance label and hazard communications, Reliance Label
Solutions lived up to its mission when a rusted drum was found floating in a Texas channel
earlier this summer.

The United States Coast Guard recovered a 55-gallon drum near the Galveston-Bolivar
Ferry terminal on Galveston Island—badly rusted and corroding. With the contents
unknown, the potential for contamination or hazard could have posed serious problems.
However, firmly stuck to the side of the container was a nearly pristine hazard
communication label.

According to regulations, any hazardous material must have a safety communications label
adhered to the outside of the container. The label itself is subject to many compliance
rules, such as BS5609 Sections 2 & 3, governing the permanence and durability of the
content imaged onto the label as well as the physical durability of the label. Reliance
specializes in these types of products and the systems that create them.

The label on the floating drum detailed the materials within the container along with
contact details for the producer. After tracing the label to a batch printed through
Reliance’s Vision GHS Software, the team was able to identify the owner and origin of the
container: a marketer of the larger material manufacturer.

Brent Spackman, creator of Vision stated, “This is the beauty of Vision. This is the essence
of why it was created: visibility and tracking.” This case perfectly illustrates the importance
and purpose of hazardous container labels as well. Had the label not been legible, the
container may have remained unidentified, contaminated the environment, damaged
boats, or injured someone.

Investing in quality, durable labels can make the difference when the containers are lost in
the water. Safety communications are critical to protecting anyone who comes into contact
with the material—from employees to pedestrians. There’s always risk when handling
hazardous materials, but effective labels and hazard communications can greatly mitigate
that risk.



New Reliance CEO Named as the Company Celebrates 20 years of Service

June 1, 2023

Compliance and durable label converter, Reliance Label Solutions, has a new CEO to head the company. Brad Zechman has been named Chief Executive Officer of Reliance Label Solutions and sister company, IDENTCO. His appointment comes following the retirement of longtime IDENTCO CEO, Scott Lucas. 

Zechman has more than three decades of experience in the automotive, electronics, and industrial industries. His previous positions in leadership make him exceptionally qualified for the role. As President of Adhesives Research in Pennsylvania, Zechman was responsible for introducing a more effective commercial strategy. The changes led to significant growth for the company. Prior to that, Zechman drove growth and profit expansion as VP of Global Packaging at HB Fuller in Minnesota. In other previous ventures, Zechman’s strategies have proven to boost efficiency giving way for noticeable growth. 

“It’s exciting to see the company come into a new era of leadership. Brad is a natural leader and businessman,” said Jim Warren, Head of Technical Department at Reliance. “I’m confident his impact within ILH will shape the company in positive, prosperous ways.” As a day-one employee, Warren has seen the transition of leadership before. 

Originating as a division of Graphic Technology Incorporated (GTI), Reliance broke away under the ownership and management of Jay Frankenberg in 2003. In 2021, Frankenberg sold to a private equity company where Scott Lucas was named CEO. Lucas announced his retirement earlier this year after nearly four decades with IDENTCO. 

Zechman’s appointment comes at an exciting time as Reliance celebrates 20 years of service to its industries. Focused on petroleum, chemicals, and lubricants, Reliance has served some of the largest manufacturers and refiners across the country in their GHS and hazard communication label needs. 

With an undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering from Rutgers University and an MBA in Finance from University of Pennsylvania, Zechman enters the company with a promising future ahead.



Reliance Introduces New Laser Sheet Waste Labels in Partnership with Quantum Compliance

May 3, 2022

Reliance is excited to announce a new line of Laser Sheet Waste Labels for your compliance labeling. Utilizing Quantum's Q-Manifest software, users can print a variety of waste labels directly to their laser printer. The new laser waste labels, designed to print two labels per sheet, are available for Universal Waste, Non-Hazardous Waste, Non-RCRA Regulated Waste, and Hazardous Waste labels. 

Director of Business Development, Jim Garvic stated, “We believe this new form of waste labels will allow for more flexibility for our customers as well as meeting preexisting needs. Reliance’s mission is to take the worry out of labeling, and we feel confident this new line will be a major asset in continuing to do so.”

The Laser Sheet Waste Labels are now available for purchase on the Reliance website.

To learn more or purchase laser sheet waste labels, click here.

To learn more about Quantum’s Q-Manifest software, click here.



Reliance Printer Partner, NeuraLabel Releases New Callisto Printer

April 1, 2022

For years, Reliance Label Solutions has partnered with NeuraLabel to provide industrial printers for compliance labeling. NeuraLabel has recently released its new printer, Callisto.

Popular for its speed and user-friendly interface, the Callisto is making its way into the spotlight as a timesaver in the compliance labeling space. The printer boasts speeds of up to 90 feet per minute making it ideal for small to large label runs. Beyond the speed, the Callisto allows users to print on a variety of media from 1” to 12” wide bringing an option of flexibility to the label printing process. Callsito also has advanced unwind and rewind equipment for roll-to-roll applications.

Click here to learn more about the Callisto Printer or reach out to us at [email protected].



Reliance Label Solutions partners with Quantum Compliance

January 20, 2022

Reliance Label Solutions is proud to announce a formal partnership with Quantum Compliance, an SDS authoring and chemical management software company. Working in unison with the chemical, petroleum and environmental industries, the two companies are confident in the advantage they can provide to customers. Reliance and Quantum intend to leverage a comprehensive solution of SDS compliance and GHS labeling to ensure regulatory compliance within the industries.

Beyond SDS authoring, Quantum Compliance offers software solutions that assist in maintaining compliance and advancing efficiency in the areas of chemical, waste and safety management. Quantum offers flexible consulting and services to match the unique needs of any company which Reliance values highly for the benefit of its customers.

Reliance feels confident that the partnership will enhance processes throughout its customer base. “OSHA compliance can be a challenge, but Reliance’s goal has always been to take the worry out of labeling. The Quantum mission aligns readily with that making them the ideal partner for us,” Director of Business Development, Jim Garvic states.

Reliance Label Solutions, an industry leader, has served the industries for over 30 years. Their expertise has been extended to some of the biggest names in chemical manufacturing and the likes. Beyond GHS label conversion, Reliance expands their offerings into label software, printers and consumables, HazMat training, printer support and more.

To learn more about Quantum Compliance, visit their website, or reach out to your Reliance team at [email protected].  




Reliance Label Promotes First Female Press Operator

March 19, 2021

Reliance Label Solutions, a leading provider of Global Harmonized System (GHS) labeling solutions, is proud to announce the promotion of the first female press operator in our history.

In July of 2019, Reliance Label hired Chelsea Spiller as an entry level production associate. Spiller had no printing experience but showed enthusiasm to learn the trade. Within months, she was assisting the Senior Press Operator, running the flexographic press with little assistance, and seeking as much on-the-job training as she could get. Even amidst a pandemic, Spiller made Reliance history by becoming the company’s first female Press Operator in just fourteen months. Spiller’s supervisor and Production Manager, Jeff VanDonsel, said “She may not know it, but she has raised the bar at Reliance for women in production.”

With March being celebrated as Women’s History Month, we at Reliance are proud to have Ms. Spiller become such an important part of our team.

From taking on industrial roles during wartime, to fighting for equal pay, women have been on the front line of change in America. Now, Chelsea Spiller stands on that front line at Reliance Label Solutions, inspiring her colleagues to pursue advancement in any profession they choose. #WomensHistoryMonth2021