GHS Labels

Reliance Label Solutions® has been helping companies print Globally Harmonized System (GHS) and International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) compliant labels for 30+ years. Reliance is the first manufacturer of GHS labels to meet BS 5609 Section 2 and 3 compliance for sheeted laser, continuous laser, pigment inkjet and thermal transfer printing technologies. 

Regulations such as these require labels that are highly durable and resistant to weather conditions, abrasion, and chemicals. Reliance leverages its extended experience to provide customers with labels that help ensure safety and compliance.  

Avery Dennison <br/>GHS Chemical Labels

Avery Dennison
GHS Chemical Labels

Reliance Label Solutions is proud to offer Avery Dennison BS 5609 certified materials for

GHS Chemical Labeling applications. Available in both stock and custom label formats, the premium facestocks, adhesives

and liners featured in our Avery Dennison constructions help eliminate many of the printing issues common to many

heavy film labels: misfeeds, static build-up, poor imaging & toner adhesion, etc.  

Our stock Avery Dennison GHS Chemical Labels are featured below. The #'s 135, 137, 104, 105, 335 and 337 are cut sheet

for printers like the Lexmark CS820.  The #'s 235 and 237 are continuous fanfold for laser printers like the NeuraLabel

500e and 600e.

If you need another format, give us a call!

KIMDURA® Inkjet Ultra <br/>GHS Chemical Labels

KIMDURA® Inkjet Ultra
GHS Chemical Labels


KIMDURA® Inkjet Ultra Synthetic Paper by Neenah Industrial Solutions was the first inkjet synthetic paper for chemical and industrial labeling that earned the BS 5609 Part 2 and 3 certification. KIMDURA® Inkjet Ultra has been the gold standard in the industry for delivering outstanding performance and durability.

Reliance Label Solutions offers KIMDURA® GHS labeling solutions for the Epson ColorWorks C831 Printer (#435, #437), the NEW Epson ColorWorks C6500 (#535, #537) and the NeuraLabel 300x (#535, #537, #635).

  • Read the Neenah Case Study about how Reliance Label Solutions helps a customer meet their GHS labeling requirements with KIMDURA® Inkjet Ultra:

Case Study: Meeting GHS Labeling Standards with Reliance Label Solutions