DOT HazMat Placards

Per Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations, vehicles transporting dangerous goods must display the appropriate placard indentifying the associated dangers of the hazardous materials being transported.

Reliance Label Solutions offers a wide selection of placards and materials to help you stay in compliance. Our large stocked inventory and central shipping location helps ensure quick delivery to locations across the U.S.


Worded HazMat Placards

Worded HazMat Placards

Our DOT-compliant placards come in all hazard classes, plus Dangerous for Mixed Loads, Hot, Marine Pollutant and Limited Quantity Marking.

Available in laminated tagboard, removable vinyl, exterior grade permanent vinyl and rigid (non-PS) vinyl, we have every need and application covered.  All Reliance placards are designed to meet 49 CFR 172.519 guidelines.