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KIMDURA® Inkjet Ultra
GHS Chemical Labels


KIMDURA® Inkjet Ultra Synthetic Paper by Neenah Industrial Solutions was the first inkjet synthetic paper for chemical and industrial labeling that earned the BS 5609 Part 2 and 3 certification. KIMDURA® Inkjet Ultra has been the gold standard in the industry for delivering outstanding performance and durability.

Reliance Label Solutions offers KIMDURA® GHS labeling solutions for the Epson ColorWorks C831 Printer (#435, #437), the NEW Epson ColorWorks C6500 (#535, #537) and the NeuraLabel 300x (#535, #537, #635).

  • Read the Neenah Case Study about how Reliance Label Solutions helps a customer meet their GHS labeling requirements with KIMDURA® Inkjet Ultra:

Case Study: Meeting GHS Labeling Standards with Reliance Label Solutions


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