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Epson ColorWorks C831


Epson® announced the End of Life and End of Sale for the ColorWorks® C831 printer for United States and Canada effective 6/15/2020.

Ink, Spare Parts and Service
This EOL announcement has no effect on the availability of ink, spare parts and service.  Although Epson is eliminating the sale of new C831 printers, we will continue to fully support the large installed base with ink, spare parts and repair services for a minimum of 5 years after this notice. Furthermore, new or existing service contracts will continue to be available for the full 3 year post initial sales period as exist today.

Upgrade Path
The Epson ColorWorks C6500A and C6500P printers are the recommended replacements for the C831. These printers are able to print up to 8.34” wide, have faster speeds, have higher print quality and are made to handle more total labels than the earlier C831, without the need for pin-fed media.

Compatible with ZPL II, SAP®, major middleware drivers and more, and built to accommodate remote printer management, these versatile printers are designed for fleet/enterprise use. The C6500A offers an auto-cutter feature and the C6500P is equipped with a peel-and-present option. These new printers are not pin-fed and so existing C831 media will not work in them.

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