Shipping & Handling / Regulated Labels

Reliance works with a large variety of customers in a wide range of industries. Our Shipping and Handling/Regulated labels provide safety communication for any regulated or hazardous need.

These stocked labels are made of heavyweight gloss paper and are sold in rolls of 500.

Lithium Battery Labels

Lithium Battery Labels

Reliance helps keep your battery shipments compliant with the correct markings you need.

Featuring the new Hazard Class 9 Lithium Battery Labels, Cargo Aircraft Only Labels and our fully customizable NEW Lithium Battery Handling Marking, these labels are designed in accordance with international regulations.

October 1, 2021 Update - PHMSA has released a revised (September 2021) Lithium Battery Guide for Shippers, to assist shippers to safely package lithium cells and batteries for transport by all modes according to the latest (May 11, 2020; HM-215O) regulatory requirements.